Toolbox Download:

A zip file containing the latest version of the PhysioData Toolbox can be downloaded here.

Note that the current version of the Toolbox is only compatible with Windows, and required that the MATLAB 2018b Component Runtime (v9.5) be installed (available here).

More detailed installation instructions below.

Citing the Toolbox:

If you use the Toolbox, please cite it using the following information:

Sjak-Shie, E. E. (2019). PhysioData Toolbox (Version 0.5) [Computer software]. Retrieved from

The Toolbox is custom software written in MATLAB Release 2018b (The MathWorks, Inc., Natick, MA, USA).

Installation Instructions:

Download the zip file containing the latest Toolbox version.

Download and install the free MATLAB 2018b Component Runtime (9.5) here. If you do not have admin permission, ask you IT department to install it for you.

Unpack the zip file and run the PhysioDataToolbox.exe file in the \Toolbox\ folder.

The Toolbox has not yet been digitally signed, which may cause Windows Defender to show the ‘Windows protected your PC’ dialog. To run the software, click the ‘More info’ link, then the ‘Run anyway’ button, see below.

The executable will now extract the files inside the ctf archive and create a PhysioDataToolbox_mcr folder. Once done, the Toolbox will launch. The complete process may take a few minutes. Once the PhysioDataToolbox_mcr folder has been created, the Toolbox will load much faster.

Please read the User Guide (located in the zip file). In addition, a quick-start walk-through is provided, which should get you promptly acquainted with the main Toolbox features.

Be aware that the PhysioData Toolbox is still very much in development. Please check back in regularly for updates, and make sure to always triple-check and validate the results.


Please make sure to unpack the zip file before attempting to run the Toolbox executables.

Do not put the Toolbox in a folder controlled by a file-synchronization service (e.g. Dropbox).

When running PhysioDataToolbox.exe for the first time, it will attempt to create a folder named PhysioDataToolbox_mcr in the same directory as the executable, and unpack its dependencies there. This may take several minutes, especially when running the Toolbox on network or non-SSD drives. Please be patient and make sure that the files are located in a folder where you have write-access, preferably on a local drive. Similarly, running FileConverter.exe for the first time, creates a folder named FileConverter_mcr.

The current version of the Toolbox is only compatible with 64-bit Windows 7, 8 and 10.

New in Version 0.5.0:

    • A new File Converter, which now features built-in support for the following file formats: BIOPAC AcqKnowledge, Biosemi, EyeLink, Tobii (EET) and VU-AMS.
    • A new AOI (Area of Interest) module for analyzing areas of interest hits.
    • Improved Pupil Size Analyzer module.
    • No unlock-code required.
    • Misc. toolbox framework updates.